About Us

About Us

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.It is what the customer gets out of it".

Welcome to P&G InfraServe one stop solution for all your infrastructure needs, we provide services in construction industry Mechanical as well as Civil. P&G InfraServe is well equipped with manpower and knowledge to provide its client with complete solutions keeping one factor common that is “Quality”, having decades of experience we provide services such as Blasting &Painting, Maintenance Painting, Chimney Painting, Civil Construction works such as Roads, Highways, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings etc.

"P&G InfraServe is more of a solution centric organization where we not only sell our services but we sell solutions, Diagnosing customer needs and crafting a potential solution is a key feature,Negotiating win win situation for both,the customer and us."

We at P&G InfraServe use latest technology available to mankind for our work so as to provide fast and reliable services to our client thus ensuring quality with our innovative thinking and better management skill we have successively reduced the time consumed in completion of projects.

  • Corrosion Control
  • Fabrication
  • Civil Works
  • Insulation Works
  • Piping Works

Key People:

Govind V Reddy (PARTNER): An MBA Graduate with Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy having around 8 years of experience in paint technology has very good knowledge about work contracts and business management has worked on ground levels for execution of critical jobs such as marine painting, Power plants, Chemical Plants and Shipyards.

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